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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives from San Francisco’s Most Ecologically Conscious Hotels

Like you, we want to stay in environmentally sustainable hotels when we travel. At the Orchard and Orchard Garden Hotels, that’s exactly what you get, without sacrificing style and service: no “greenwashing” here. We’re dedicated to healthy, sustainable hospitality, and we have been from the very beginning.

In honor of Our Hotels’ Founders,  The Huang Family is committed to maintaining environmentally friendly and non-toxic environments at all of our hotels.

While there are many shades of ‘green’ in the hotel business, ours is the deepest.. From our construction practices to décor, food and beverage, daily operation and much more, we’ve never wavered from our commitment to Mother Earth.

Orchard Hotel Lobby

Both hotels are LEED certified, which is of the world’s most prestigious ‘green’ accolades.  In 2009, the Orchard Hotel joined its sister property, the Orchard Garden Hotel in ‘green’ certification, earning LEED-EB® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification for an existing building by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). One of San Francisco’s first hotels to earn this honor, the Orchard Hotel was the second hotel in California and fourth hotel in the United States with this certification. LEED is the USGBC’s system for operating high performance buildings dedicated to whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues, recycling programs, exterior maintenance programs and systems upgrades. The Orchard Garden Hotel was first hotel in California  to be LEED certified.

Orchard Garden and Orchard Hotel

  • Whenever possible, local and organic ingredients are used.
  • Both properties are Energy Star Rated.
  • Both properties purchase Verified Emissions Reductions to offset their carbon impact.
  • All fabrics are made with recycled polyester and other textiles without chemicals and are machine-washed to avoid the chemicals that come with dry cleaning.
  • 100% non-smoking hotels.
  • Organic, citrus-based cleaning products are used throughout the hotel, which are just as effective as harsh traditional cleaners, but better for the staff and the environment.
  • Water faucets and toilets are ‘low-flow.’
  • Menus/collateral/paper is 100% recycled and inks used on all collateral and stationery are soy-based.
  • All kitchens compost all waste materials and are meticulous about grease recycling.
  • All lighting is halogen, compact fluorescent or LED.
  • We have eliminated small plastic bottles for amenities and replaced them with very attractive bulk amenity dispensers
  • We plant a tree for each review posted on TripAdvisor whether favorable or not through our partner Plant a Billion Trees
  • Strong supporters of alternative transportation: Commuter checks (pre-tax) provided to employees,  and bike racks are available for all.

We’re proud to set the standard for truly ‘green’ hotels.

Orchard Garden Hotel

Orchard Hotel Lobby
  • Built in 2006, eco-friendly construction materials include concrete made from fly ash, a byproduct of recycling coal, and wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as harvested in a sustainable manner. One environmentally sustainable building practice used during construction diverts debris from landfill disposal by redirecting recyclable material back to the manufacturing process.
  • California’s debut of a guestroom key card energy control system - after opening the guestroom door with the key card, the guest places the card in a discreet box in order to turn on the lights and other room systems. When exiting the room, the guest simply takes the key card, automatically ‘turning off’ the entire room, with the exception of an outlet that guests can use to charge laptops, cell phones and other battery-powered devices. This system has saved nearly 20 percent in energy consumption, paying for itself in less than two years.
  • The building is well insulated resulting in less energy use for heating and air-conditioning and making the guest rooms very quiet.
  • In-room recycling bins separate glass and paper for thorough recycling.
  • Specially designed carpets include recycled content and have low chemical emissions.
  • Energy efficient roofing doesn’t absorb heat and keeps the building cool.

As mentioned above, the Orchard Garden and Orchard Hotel have put in place high achieving green programs so that our guests enjoy a healthier indoor environment and can take pride that their hotel has a lower environmental impact.

To demonstrate and verify our sustainability leadership, the Orchard Garden and Orchard Hotel have achieved GS-33 (Silver) Certification by Green Seal – a nonprofit, independent sustainability organization. The Orchard Hotel meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-33 based on waste minimization, water and energy efficiency, hazardous substance handling, and an environmental purchasing policy.