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sea lions posing for camera

Welcome, Sea Lions

January 07, 2019

Join us at Pier 39 on January 19-20 for the href="" target="_blank">29th Anniversary of the Sea Lions’ Arrival. These aquatic creatures first began arriving here and hauling themselves up onto the K-Dock in October of 1989, just after the Loma Prieta earthquake. By January of 1990, they were arriving in such numbers that they overtook the K-Dock, causing consternation among other Marina tenants. After consulting with the Marine Mammal Center, it was agreed that the sea lions remain at their new home, and they have since returned in abundance every year.

The dock provides a wonderful and natural habitat for the sea lions, as they have a generous food supply from the Bay, and their environment is protected. Be sure to stop by the Sea Lion Center for the following daily presentations: “Party for the Planet Blue,” “Sea Lion Shenanigans,” and “What’s for Lunch?” and join one of the free Sea Lion Center Walking Tours given by Aquarium of the Bay to receive a complimentary beverage and discounts at select PIER 39 businesses.