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Creating a Healthy Environment Header
Creating a Healthy Environment

Our Commitment to Cleanliness

We have always been committed to spotless cleanliness throughout our Hotel, and the well-being of our guests remains of utmost importance to us. Rest assured that we have implemented policies and protocols that meet and exceed industry best practices as well as standards of our county, state and federal health authorities, to create a healthy and safe environment throughout our hotel for the benefit and enjoyment of our guests.

Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfection

We have completely re-designed our cleaning and disinfection protocols to ensure that cleaning and disinfecting measures comply with the newest standards for the hospitality industry as well as those prescribed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • We have added frequent disinfection of the Hotel, using cleaning agents recommended by the CDC, and giving special attention to high traffic areas.
  • We are rolling out enhanced electrostatic sprayers to add an extra level of disinfection when appropriate.
  • We are installing special high-grade air filters in air conditioning systems in our guestrooms and throughout the hotel.
  • After cleaning and disinfecting guestrooms, we are re-filtering the air in the rooms at least 24 hours between guests.
  • We provide single-use, individually wrapped paper cups, and utensils. Everything else is sanitized and disinfected at high temperatures in accordance with CDC recommendations.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located at the entrance, front desk, restaurant, meeting rooms, restrooms, and back of the house areas.

Social Distancing

We have re-organized our whole Hotel operations to ensure that "social distancing" standards of the federal, state, and county health authorities are effortlessly observed by staff and guests alike. Our hotel's design creates spaciousness and a sense of calm and privacy, which are enhanced by these special measures to reassure and protect our Guests.

  • Our lobby, restaurant, elevators, and other common areas have been re-designed to create maximum social distancing between persons and make this a pleasure for our guests.
  • In accordance with state and city health authority recommendations, our Guests are asked to wear masks (mouth and nose coverings) while in public areas, and our hotel is more than happy to provide these. 
  • Hotel staff is also required to wear masks at all times while at the Hotel.
  • Our Tesla X House Car Service now includes a transparent separator shield between our chauffeur and passenger which guests will also experience at our front desk and in our restaurant, but our personal service remains as warm, genuine, and welcoming as ever.

Contactless Service Excellence

We remain committed to the highest level of luxury personalized service and are now ensuring that anything our guests might need will be delivered in a way that minimizes contacts between staff and guests.

  • During Guest stays, no personnel enters guest rooms without permission. We will happily provide housekeeping service upon request when guests are not in their rooms, and we will gladly replenish amenities in a contactless manner.
  • We encourage guests to utilize our mobile check-in and check-out features and to communicate with our front desk and guest services team through mobile texting, as well as by phone.
  • Everything provided to our guests, starting with room keys, are disinfected thoroughly.
  • Our staff is committed to creating a healthy environment for our guests, and receive special training to make this a reality. Consistent with the guidance of health authorities, the health of our staff is checked daily, and they, too, are provided with masks, gloves and other tools to ensure that we achieve, both in interactions with guests and "behind the scenes", the highest cleanliness, hygiene and health standards. 

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